Bullet Proof

Is there a better way to start the day than tumbling out of bed, having a good, long stretch, opening a bag of dark, organic coffee beans? I don’t think there is.

The only problem with the above scenario, though, is that coffee just isn’t that good for us. It can irritate sensitive stomachs, make us anxious, push our adrenals over the edge and disturb our sleep, to name just a few downsides of loving coffee a little too much.

Personally, I’ve tried to give up my daily turbo charged cup of coffee but I can’t. life becomes dull and gray and it’s just not worth the sacrifice of leaving a morning ritual that I love behind.

So, then, my question becomes “How do I make my morning coffee a bit healthier?” and my answer is Bullet Proof it.

What is bullet proof coffee you’re wondering? My version is a cup of fresh organic beans with a dollop of coconut oil melted in it. Traditional recipes use butter but I’m a coconut oil kinda gal. And the health benefits? Here they are:

  • Provides energy
  • Long term feeling of fullness
  • Great way to work healthy fats into your diet every day

If you google Bullet Proof coffee you will find a plethora of health claims about boosting brain power and promoting weight loss. Some of these sound a little far-fetched to me but I do know that a little coconut oil is great for your body and if I can get my daily dose in my cup of coffee, it’s all good.

Time to go pour myself a cup of delicious, and maybe even healthy-ish, coffee.

roses and coffee


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