Screaming has been known to have a cathartic effect on people. A loud, shrill, intense scream gives one a sense of release and leaves the screamer feeling at peace. Screaming is no doubt, a cheap outlet for pent up anger, energy and tension.

A few years ago, as students my friend and I discovered a simple way to manage life’s problems. Rather than bottle up stress or down tablets, booze or whatever options fellow students chose to drown their sorrows, we developed the habit of taking long walks at night, to a place where we could scream. Yes, we would just scream!

Once in a while, after a build up of stress, we would take our crazy, screaming walks, let out the steam and live happily until it was time to scream again. We would find an isolated spot in Harare’s concrete jungle at a time when traffic had subsided to avoid unwanted attention from people who might think we were screaming for help. Then we would scream it all out. Of course the cover of darkness also protected our identities during those mad moments.” – Matilda Moyo of World Pulse

Screaming is such a powerful way to unleash pent up frustration and anger. Have you ever wanted to just let loose and let out a shrieking, primal scream at the top of your lungs? Yes? Who hasn’t?

But when do we ever get the chance to let loose and let out a rip-roaring, give-it-all-you-got scream without someone calling the police? Pretty much never, which is why I was so excited when a photographer friend of mine recently announced that she was doing an open call for her “Scream” project. I signed up before I even finished reading the invite and volunteered my friend, Robyn too.

Last Sunday afternoon Robyn and I grabbed a couple of lattes, hopped in her little Toyota and drove over to photographer Wendy’s studio, ready to scream it out!

We stood in front of the camera and prepped by discussing a bunch of random things that made us as mad as hell. These included a past cheating boyfriend, being cut off in traffic, our neighborhood community gardens being ripped up by CP Rail and memories of being bullied in elementary school. And then we let loose with powerful, cathartic and blood-curdling screams!


And we were LOUD! After our session, however, we both had an overwhelming sense of calm, quiet serenity.

So, if you get a chance to sneak away to somewhere secluded and let out a ear-shattering primal scream next time you’re seething with frustration, I say go for it. There’s nothing quite as cathartic.


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