A Hangover Free Martini Anyone?

vodka loveSo, this is what I’ve learned this summer:

Watermelon is extraordinarily hydrating, with lots of phyto-nutrients. There is a theory that it is even more hydrating than water because of it’s vitamin and mineral content absorbing so readily into our systems. And another miracle worker, cucumber, may prevent hangovers due to it’s B vitamin and electrolyte content. So, I thought, why not come up with a cocktail containing both of these ingredients? Wouldn’t the anti-hangover ingredients mitigate the vodka content and create a hangover free beverage?

 I decided to do extensive, in-depth research and I believe I’ve come up with a no-hangover, summer cocktail…

 Juicy Summer Martini

  • 2 oz vodka
  • 1/2 cup blended watermelon
  • One thick slice cucumber
  • Dash fresh mint
  • Big slice of lime

In a martini glass, muddle cucumber. Blend watermelon until liquid, add mint and vodka.

Pour blended liquid into your favourite stemware, garnish with a fresh lime slice and enjoy a delicious, hangover-less martini. Bottoms up!

watermelon martini

Write drunk; edit sober. – Ernest Hemmingway


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