Krokodile Pear

There’s a new juice bar in town and the sleek, all white space has become one of my favourite places to hang out and sip a delicious, organic smoothie or cold pressed juice.

It’s name is a play on words taken from a Mexican slang for avocado. In parts of Mexico avocados are referred to as alligator pears, so the owners changed the nickname slightly and Krokodile Pear was born.

Whenever I’m on my way to the beach and find myself in need of a raw, organic thirst-quencher, I stop by 1st and Cypress and get a juice or smoothie to go.

When you order a drink to go, for an extra dollar, it comes in a mason jar embossed with the beautiful Krokodile Pear logo that you get to keep and use over and over again. One of the reasons I love this establishment is their zero plastic policy. Unnecessary plastic is my number one environmental pet peeve (we all know about the Texas size plastic garbage patch floating in the Pacific, right?) and I love supporting businesses that care both about our health and the health of our planet.

But what I love them for maybe even more is their Capilano Smoothie. I can only describe it as bliss in a mason jar. It’s a combo of cucumber, celery, beets, apple, pineapple and lime juice blended with avocado and banana. Yum.

Capilano Krokodile Pear Smoothie

So good and so good for you. If you live in Vancity, check out Krokodile Pear at the corner of 1st and Cypress for some natural, cold pressed, juicy goodness.

kroko pear 021

True health is more than the absence of disease. Natural, organic food makes your skin sing, your sleep deeper, your waistline slimmer and  your mind clearer. – Krokodile Pear window art quote


4 thoughts on “Krokodile Pear

  1. So awesome, Laurel! We need more of this kind of thing in Toronto.
    Love the sound of the juices and smoothies, and love their no plastic philosophy even more. Kudos to them for leading by example. Thank you for sharing this with your readers!

  2. hello laurel its dennis the vizsla dog hay that smoothie sownds like sumthing my mama wood like!!! wel eksept for the beets but if we dont tell her abowt them i bet she wont figger it owt!!! she likes to mix up seerials for herself in mason jars using stuf like that wel and put them in the fridge and eet them thruowt the week!!! persunaly i wood prefer bacon but that is becuz i am a dog!!! ha ha ok bye

    • Hi Dennis, have you ever tried a smoothie? You might like it as much as bacon! I give my little dog a bit of my smoothies and he loves them (especially if there’s mango in it). I think you should give smoothies a try Dennis xo Laurel

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