Dark and Rich


It’s Valentine’s Day and I have a sweet treat that would be perfect to make for your special someone or your fab friends.

Chocolate dipped strawberries! The first ingredient is organic, dark chocolate containing phenylethylamine (PEA), the same chemical your brain creates when you’re falling in love! What could be more perfect for Valentines? Dark chocolate is also full of health-giving anti-oxidants and strawberries are pure goodness, containing fibre, vitamins and anti-oxidants too. And these two nutritional and feel-good powerhouses are the only things you’ll find in the recipe below. Pure and simple.

Dark and Rich Chocolate Dipped Strawberries


  • 2 ounces organic, dark chocolate
  • 12 organic strawberries


  • Place chocolate in the top of a double boiler over hot, but not boiling, water. Stir until melted.
  • Dip strawberries in the melted chocolate.
  • Place upside down on wax paper.
  • Let cool.


Whether you’re curling up with your sweetie, getting together with good friends to celebrate your fabulous single selves or having a mellow day treating yourself to a bit of chocolate, I hope everyone has a Valentine’s Day full of love (and that includes self love) xo L


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