The Jewel of Gastown

So, day one and two of my juicy cleanse are powered by the watermelon coloured nirvana of freshly made juices and smoothies, The Juice Truck.
juice truck 029
juice truck 017
juice truck 020
It’s day one and I made a lunch pilgrimage, in sub-zero weather, to Gastown’s Juice Truck, for my all-time fave smoothie, The Blueberry Matcha (Blueberry blended with matcha tea powder, banana, cacao nibs, cinnamon, medjool dates & almond milk). As I wandered through the frigid streets of Vancouver, sipping my cold, purple drink and shivering, I couldn’t help but think, “Who does a cold juice detox in January when living in Canada? A stupid person?” I walked along, imagining my lips turning blue as my core temperature dropped with every sip of my smoothie. After drinking it’s purple goodness, however, and making it back to my warm, toasty office, I felt happy, healthy and full. The flavours of the smoothie are sublime, the richness great for filling up an empty stomach and the matcha powder gives you a subtle boost to get through the afternoon. I think pure juice cleanses are good if you want to lose weight but, if you just want to detox your system, smoothies are the way to go!

Having had a green smoothie of kale, mango, bananas and almond milk for breakfast this morning and going home with a few packaged juices from the truck, I’m feeling slightly hungry but energized and very motivated.

juice truck

Today was, for lack of a better term to describe it, a piece of cake (well, except for the frosty smoothie in the freezing cold).

Tomorrow, I’m having a juice only, one day cleanse supply delivered to the office by the Juice Truck. Easy, convenient and you get seven drinks for $65.00. I’m curious to see how a pure juice, no smoothie day goes. Will I make it? Tune in tomorrow to find out.



4 thoughts on “The Jewel of Gastown

  1. I heard about a juice delivery service a while back — and now I’m thinking that this would have been a much better approach for me during my cleanse. The clean up from juicing is a bit of a bitch – so I like this ready-to-drink, no muss – no fuss approach. Definitely open to trying this service next time I juice. Sounds like you’re a fan!

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