Nud Fud

Do you find some Sunday evenings that you just don’t feel like preparing healthy, home-made snacks for the week ahead? Maybe you had a busy day running errands, maybe you went on an extra long hike, or maybe you sat around with a couple of friends, drinking a little wine and watching the Golden Globes…

Whatever the reason may be, I have an awesome packaged goody, called Nud Fud (pronounced nude food) for those times that you just don’t want to be in the kitchen prepping and cooking but still want healthy food at your fingertips.


Nud Fud, featured on The Dragons Den, is a proudly Canadian product. It’s made with love in beautiful, downtown Toronto and is nutritious, delicious and my current fave food on the go. I couldn’t even wait until after I took a photo to start snacking. Yep, it’s raw, vegan flavour is that good!

Traditional packaged foods tend to frighten me a bit, with numerous ingredients, including sugar, GMO’s and MSG hidden in a myriad of ways and those creepy, five syllable additives at the end of the list that you can’t pronounce and sound like science experiments. Whew! Thank goodness for run on sentences and ugh! Why would we want all of that junk in our beautiful bodies? With Nud Fud, there are only four ingredients: banana, coconut, sesame and spirulina, that’s it. All raw and all organic.

It’s simple, whole food and I can’t say enough good things about this product. If you want to check this yumminess out, you can buy it online here. Delicious snack food in the Nud.


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